Dressing Tissue Forceps

ADSON Serrated Forceps
ADSON Serrated ForcepsGG-01-249 4¾”GG-02-249 4¾” Fine PointGG-03-250 4¾” Micro Point..
ADSON Tissue Forceps
ADSON Tissue ForcepsGG-50-248 4¾”GG-51-248 Fine point  4¾”4¾”GG-52-248 Medium..
ADSON-BROWN Tissue Forceps
ADSON-BROWN Tissue ForcepsGG-55-248 4¾”..
POTT-SMITH Dressing Forceps
POTT-SMITH Dressing ForcepsGG-30-237 -7”GG-31-238 8¼”GG-32-239 10”..
RUSSIAN Dressing Forceps
RUSSIAN Dressing ForcepsGG-02-248  6”GG-03-249  8”GG-04-250 10”..
SEMKEN Dressing Forceps
SEMKEN Dressing ForcepsGG-00-237 4¾”GG-01-237 6”..
SEMKEN Tissue Forceps
SEMKEN Tissue ForcepsGG-20-237 4¾”GG-21-237 6”..
THUMB & Tissue Forceps
THUMB & Tissue ForcepsGG-03-242 4½”GG-03-2435”GG-03-244 5½”GG-03-245 6”GG-03-246 8”GG-03-247 10”..
THUMB & Tissue Forceps
THUMB & Tissue ForcepsGG-07-237 4½”GG-08-238 5”GG-09-239 5½”GG-10-240 6”GG-11-241 8”GG- 12-242 1..
THUMB Forceps
THUMB ForcepsGG-01-234   4½”GG-02-235  5”GG-02-236  5½”GG-03-237  6”GG-04-2..
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